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Why Nick?
Why Now?

The legend of Santa Claus began in 280 AD with St. Nicholas in modern day Turkey.  He became known as the protector of children. Dutch settlers brought the traditions of St. Nicholas to the U.S. but under his nickname, Sinter Klaas.  The poem by Clement Clarke Moore “Twas the Night Before Christmas” gave him structure and Thomas Nast in 1881 was the first to draw the chubby elf.

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But 143 years is a long time. 


Surprisingly, Santa has never been updated, even in a world where cars and cellphones are updated every year! Even classic characters have had  multiple incarnations, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, even Romeo and Juliet.  Children today have never known life without a smart phone and a tablet in their hands.  They play video games and ask Siri for information.  Their music and visual interests have expanded to include rock music as part of their daily lives and finding old movies, and I mean the ‘80s, to be slow. 


It’s time to give the new generation a Santa they can claim as their own. 


A story that includes:

  • A Youthful Modern Santa with a modern look

  • A No-Nonsense, independent heroine with a mind of her own

  • Representation for children so they identify with characters from the show

  • A Contemporary Soundtrack that could live on Spotify today

  • A Leading Character set out to Make a Difference in the world.


As Nick discovers his true self, so does the audience, as the Santa lore unfolds throughout the story intertwining the old with the new.  


It’s an origin story for today’s families. 

It truly is The Time of Nick!

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