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People Are Talking 

"The play was awesome!

The content spoke to many issues that our society is dealing with today in making an effort to create a social environment where the best of our qualities can be appreciated for the good of all of us. The in-sync of the music and voice caused my feet to join the beat and body and sway to its cool rhythms It definitely has the potential to become an annual must see during the holiday season. Congratulation on a diamond in the ruff! 

May the spirit of the Tony smile down upon you!"

TTON Coming Soon.jpg

"The show was so much fun! And you assembled some great talent!"

"This show is so much fun! I can certainly see it running year round, not just during the holidays! It's an adventure story with great characters. Also a terrific love story!"

"We enjoyed the characters coming to life on a small stage. The writing was witty and timeless. The cast was extremely talented! I enjoyed something so different and engaging. We all can't wait to see what comes from this musical - with the costumes, setting and stage, even though iI appreciated seeing it this way... I also loved the music! ...I hope to see this soon - It should be noticed fast!"

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