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Nick's Pics 2018

Creative Pow Wow
Frank Basile
Robby Records Nick
Bette Sussman
Lillias White and Robert Clater
Frank, Paul, Robby, Bette
Robby Clater
Abby and Cheeky Hanne_edited
Lexie Faith and Victor Wisehart
Robert and Tor
Robert Clater, Lesia Kaye
Robert Clater
Frank sneers
Elves in rehearsal
Lillias White
Tor I J
Toys Reprise
Paul and Paul
Paul Binotto
Lesia directs
Lesia Kaye
Lesia K
Klea, Kelsey and Robby
Kelsey eyes Robby
Kelsey Happy
Nick Varrichio_edited
Creative Team
TON group
Lesia at the helm
Frank and Ketil
Helloes and Goodbyes