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The Animated Musical Feature Film

The Story

We follow young Nick from his home in Claus Forest where The North Wind delivered him via chimney drop to be raised by exiled Elves.

Nick is determined to make a difference and not simply exist, beginning with healing the massive divide between the Elves and the depressed town of Tightwood.


But it's not as easy as he hopes. Through his interactions with the villagers, Holly, the girl of his dreams, and his nemesis, Lord Steel, who wants to level the forest and destroy the Elves, Nick must take immediate action. But this act may cost him dearly.


When the town's greed triggers an ancient curse, threatening the destruction of all, Nick must beat Lord Steel to the dangerous peak of Devil's Horn to save the village and protect the Elves.

Captured and stranded alone on the mountaintop, Nick learns his real gift is the courage to be kind and the healing power of charity and love. With the help of Holly, her precocious cousin Maddie and the North Wind, Nick embraces his destiny and revisits the famous chimney drop with a bag full of toys in the nick of time, or is it The Time of Nick?

The Time of Nick is a reimagining of our beloved Santa Claus as a teenage orphan. Nick discovers his gifts, fate and purpose in an adventure that will test his heart and courage. This magical origin story delivers a revealing look at this major holiday tradition. It's an adventure, fantasy and romance all rolled up into one high-flying musical journey. You will once again believe in the magic of Santa Claus.


All About Nick

Book by Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad

Music by Tor Ingar Jakobsen 

Lyrics by Abraham Tetenbaum 


A family musical inspired by the book
Nicholas Claus: The Story of Young Santa
by Todd Domke and Judah Domke

Originally developed at Clater Kaye Theatreworks
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