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You've Never Seen This Nick Before
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The Story

Nick, born of the North Wind is deposited as an infant into the cottage of exiled Elves living in the Claus Forest.


Upon his 18th birthday, Nick is determined to set out to find his life's purpose and hopes to bring the townspeople of Tightwood and the Elves back together.


Discovering it's not as easy as he hopes, Nick also discovers love at first sight for Holly, a local girl; his nemesis, Lord Steel, and Nick's special powers when he must confront his fears to save everyone from the ancient curse that threatens the destruction of all. In the end, he learns his real gift is the courage to be kind and the healing power of charity and love.


All About Nick

Book by Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad

Music by Tor Ingar Jakobsen 

Lyrics by Abraham Tetenbaum 


A family musical inspired by the book
Nicholas Claus: The Story of Young Santa
by Todd Domke and Judah Domke

Originally developed at Clater Kaye Theatreworks
The Time Of Nick logo created by Derek Bishop Design
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